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What is IEST?

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OSE CORPORATION(Over Seas Engineering)

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Total Solution for Ship’s Spare Parts and Plate Heat Exchanger

We achieve cost reduction by total solution for ship’s spare parts and plate heat exchanger.

Acheive cost reduction by reviewing ship's spare part.
We respond to your needs and solve your problems as specialists of ship's spare parts dealer.
Especially for plate heat exchanger, we can respond to the needs of plant and HVAC industries as well. We not only sell PHE, but also do its maintenance.
We propose cost down by our total service.

Introducing ship's spare parts and our service

Reducing Building Cost!
Plate Heat Exchanger

There are many builders who are bothered with how they design ships depending on sizes and specifications of heat exchangers.

Our heat exchangers can be set up with plates adjusting to pipe sizes.
Therefore, they can be modularized to reduce total Building cost.

Reasonable price and prompt response!
Expendable Parts

We provide expendable parts needed to operate large ships in high quality and reasonable price (with warranty).

"I want reasonable and high quality parts!" We flexibly respond to such request.

Amazing chemical reduces cleaning time!
Cleaning Solution
Cleaning Solution

"It is time consuming to get rid of scale" "chemical damages ship's parts" Don't you have those kind of problems?

We deal in various kinds of chemical suitable for each equipment.

Provide firm support through professional view point

Achieve total cost reduction by appropriate maintenance!
We imagine that there may be many people who do not have time to clean, repair or maintain a heat exchanger because of busy schedules.
We promptly respond to requests for cleaning or maintenance of plate heat exchanger.

Improvement of thermal efficiency
With our numerical and technical experience, we can improve the thermal efficiency and solve the problem such as: mechanical design flaw, lack of cooling caused by system.
Emergent maintenance service
Our professional group of the plate heat exchanger can find out an emergent leakage or an incorrect assembling and then help to improve the situation.

Corporate information

Company name IEST Corporation (International Ecological Solutions & Technology)
President Shinichiro Oki
Incorporated June 6, 2003
Capital 54 million yen
TEL 044-820-0560
FAX 044-820-0561

Head Office

TEL 044-820-0560
FAX 044-820-0561

Onomichi Factory

TEL 0848-29-8787
FAX 0848-29-8747

Kansai Office

Address3-4-2、Oishi-Higasimachi、Nada-ku、Kobe、Hyogo Pref. 657-0043 Japan
TEL 078-381-6304
FAX 078-381-6305

Group Company

Company name TRIM Corporation
CEO Shinichiro Oki
Incorporated May 14th, 2013
Capital 3 million yen
TEL 044-281-0274
FAX 044-820-0561
Japanese Only
Company name OSE CORPORATION(Over Seas Engineering)
TEL 078-882-8895
FAX 078-882-8896

You can entrust IEST for total solution of plate heat exchanger

Contact Us


Business Hours : 9:00 〜 17:00 (Mon-Fri)
Please mention you saw our web site when you contact us by telephone. Beyond business hours, please contact by contact form in our site.

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